Aryabhatta Knowledge University [AKU], Patna Scholarships

  Patna   UGC, State University   ESTD 2010
  Patna   UGC, State University   ESTD 2010


Aryabhatta Knowledge University Scholarships

The Academic Performance of a candidate is considered for the scholarship program. The scholarships to the candidates are provided by the Scholarship Committee of the University. There are also provisions for need-based scholarships which are provided to students according to the annual income of their family. The candidate is also provided fee waivers based on the type of scholarship.

The list of various schemes under which the eligible students are granted scholarships has been mentioned below:

  • Max Weber Foundation for Young Scientists or Females in the Humanities
  • Australian Scholarship.
  • Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme
  • Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships 2012
  • SJTU Scholarship
  • UWA India Scholarships
  • INSPIRE scholarship
  • Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS)
  • Non-NET fellowship for M.phil/Ph.D. students