Your Check list before an Admission Decision into MBA

As an MBA aspirant, there are chances that you will be short-listed for admission processes into more than one college. Besides preparing for the GD and PIs you must have a clear understanding of your decision parameters before beginning with admission formalities. Preparing a check-list is recommended. It will help in two ways- first, to ascertain if you are in the right place or not more importantly to help you form a decision. Second, it will enhance your chances of getting selected into the college of your choice.

Let us discuss what kind of questions you should ask and which elements should be verified before you pin down your decision. This will help in making the right choice of the the right college!

Academics and Curriculum

The first step is to have a clear concept about the courses offered and the degree you will be awarded. While you may want to pursue an MBA degree, the college may actually be offering an equivalent degree (to know the difference between MBA and PGDM read this article).

It is necessary to have a concise and clear knowledge about specializations, majors of courses of study that a college offers. Take a good note about the teaching methodologies and examination schedules as well. Check if the curriculum matches contemporary industry trends and requirements.


Moving ahead, it is important to have correct information about the Faculty members. They are going to be your mentors for the next two years and will be responsible for shaping your career timeline. Try to gather facts and figures about the Faculty members both in terms of academic experience and industry connect before finalizing your admission.

Student Life

Most colleges welcome the idea of talking about student life in their campus. You may ask questions like the availability of residential facilities for students, options of extra-curricular activities they indulge in, the role played by student clubs and initiatives around experimental learning. Alternatively, you can communicate with the current batch of students of a prospective college to get a pragmatic understanding of this critical aspect.

Placements and Career Opportunities

It is completely alright to talk about your career prospects. Mapping an Institution based on placement records alone is not a very sensible idea; yet, it plays a significant role. Ask specific questions about what career opportunities are provided to students; if sufficient training and guidance are provided to enable a sound career. What is the probability of landing a promising employment opportunity upon completion of the management program; what the last year placement reports were like; is there a genuine career counselling team and so on.

Practically, it is not possible to ask a dozen questions during a one on one admission interview. But prepare at least three important questions on what you ought to know about your future institution. You have only one shot for getting into your Management Degree. Make the most out of it; choose the best as you can to become the best you want to be!

Disclaimer: This Article has been written by a member of Corporate Communications Team at Fortune Institute of International Business and doesn’t reflect the views of the Institute.