Yeah ! I knew a few questions… So what??

Prior to CAT

Dude 1 (to Dude 2):” Hey I have come across a couple of questions which are being repeated. Wanna try them?”

Dude 2: “Sure! Why not .. After all , who knows.”

2 hours after mumbling (Ant….cuboid…..X^2…..y^3…)

Dude 2: “Good stuff this is. Hope we get lucky.”

Post CAT

Dude 1: “Hey ! How was it … I was mutilated …Got 2 repeated questions …but could solve only 10 (sobs).”

Dude 2: “What the @$^*@!!! I didn’t get any ! and BTW you suck cheater!! Cheater..Cheater…Cheater.”

Logs on to PG/FB/Prometric complaint forum/

This is so unfair. CAT is rigged. People are getting repeated questions, Prometric sucks, hang the responsible people. I didn’t get any…

Height of Hypocrisy

When I first came to know that CAT questions were being bandied around freely, I jumped on the bandwagon. Now you may call me a dissolute person (which I have no objection to), but hear me out.

It was not like that I was the only one given a choice by God

“Hey son! You want a peek at these questions, or do you want to fight on your merit! Maketh a fake profile and no harm shalt come to you !”

There were already thousands whose chose to …well CHEAT ! Now myself being a humble candidate, Why would I want an albatross around my neck ?

What disappoints me the most is the self-righteous , moral high ground people assume post CAT. And the arguments made for that attitude are equally praiseworthy.

“Re-exam should be there! Many people got 3-4 questions repeated and I didn’t get any.”

So what! Does that make you any less of a cheater. Unlucky I guess, But no less a culprit.

“This is totally unfair! This makes the exam totally skewed!”

Now, had those 3 questions appeared in your slot , my guess is that nothing would have been unfair then.CAT lost it’s fairness the day it shifted to screen.

“You don’t have ethics or what? Is this the type of managers the country has to look forward to?How do you live with yourself?”

Shut up already! I think that most of you would agree that “fear” far outweighs any morality; fear of failure, more so. Fear of not knowing something half the aspirants already know. Fear that they lead you by 6 marks , maybe 20 . It’s like leaving the chapter “GEOMETRY”. Living like a cheater is bad , but beats living as a failure while your dear friend who took CAT in the same slot gets an IIM C call because he knew three questions beforehand.

Don’t get me wrong , I don’t like this either. I was well prepared for CAT, I despise this whole questions repeating charade. I am just saying it is very very difficult to turn a blind eye when it is out there.When the stakes were high, even the Lord cheated.