XLRI’s move to publish OMR sets a new benchmark in transparency

XLRI’s decision to make the OMR sheets public is a turning step for MBA in India. For a while now, MBA entrance exams have attracted  a fair share of heart burn among candidates. Be it ‘time-worn’ issues like the never-to-be understood normalisation process or just the always unanswered questions about wrong ‘questions.’  

In some cases, matters have been dragged to court and are ironically still there even after 12 months.  Year after year,  it is back to a new round of the same mess. Hence, XLRI’s latest gesture of publishing OMR sheets comes like a whiff of  fresh air and a genuine attempt to try set things right. 

Makes sense for PaGaLGuY to give credit where it is due since it is this site that beings to the fore the smallest of perceived so-to-speak discrepancies in MBA exams and their aftermath.  It was PaGaLGuY who wrote about candidates protesting against XAT 2015 results. 

It was again PaGaLGuY’s relentless attempts to put some things straight when XLRI re-evaluated the entire set of results in 2013. It is only fair then, that a move like publishing OMS sheets is given its due credit. 

Those who know their job in the MBA circuit have praised the move. If not anything else, it at least proves that XLRI’s ‘intentions’ are honest, is the general cry. But will this serve as a exemplar to other MBA exams to get their act together.

As it is MBA numbers are on the decline and people disgruntled post an exam only flattens  the enthusiasm of the community in general. For the sake of MBA and its diminishing number of aspirants, transparency will have to be the new buzzword. 

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