XLRI to put up scanned images of OMR

The XLRI aspirants versus the XAT 2015 wrangle has taken an interesting turn with XAT officials deciding to publish scanned  images of the OMR sheet on Wednesday.

This was confirmed by Prof Munish Thakur, head of Admissions at XLRI.  Prof Thakur added that it was very unfortunate that despite being transparent with the answer keys, XAT results are attracting negative coverage. 

“There is no wrong question. We are  quite confident that there is no error. if we find any, the score would be revised,” Prof assured. 

PaGaLGuY spoke to a cross section of MBA aspirants and students and all reiterated that unlike other MBA exams, XAT has always been the most transparent of all, and this year, it has gone a step ahead by publishing the answer keys. 

Eversince XAT authorities re-evaluated all its results in 2013, there have been repeated cries about wrong questions. Last year, XLRI’s Head of Admissions Prof Vishwa Ballabh too received complaints but he did not re-evaluate because the results were published after a thorough re-check. “It has become a fashion for candidates to complain and ask for a re-check,” he had told PaGaLGuY last year. 

However, this year, the protests do not seem to be dying down. According to some of the protesting candidates, their worries are simple.

First, they are unhappy with the fact that it is the XLRI students who are responding to their complaints and that too on public forums such as PaGaLGuY. “Why did we not get any response from an official from XLRI, why are only the students talking to us,” asked one complainant adding that the approach by some of these XLRI students, in their posts, has been ‘high-handed.’

PaGaLGuY has a copy of a few discussions between complainants and XLRI students. 

Second, the protestors question the reason behind removing the explanations from the XAT site. “I have shown them to so many people and there are errors for sure so why are they not there for further discussion,” lamented one complainant. 

Third, that the time between their complaints (emails) and the declaration of the  results was very short, which gives  the  complainants the feeling that their complaints were not given a hearing at all. 

Wednesday should hopefully quell matters.