XLRI says only 10 candidates have a problem with the answer keys so why the ruckus

As promised in the earlier article, here is XLRI’s response, sent by a member of  External Linkages at the school. Please note that PaGaLGuY had sent  an email  to XLRI before the article went online. However, since XLRI has always been one of the few b-schools to always respond to queries, below is the response word-by-word.  

“I am sorry to say that I am terrible disappointed by the tone of the article. The truth has been molded in every statement after the first para and no efforts seem to have been made to verify the authenticity of the claims before publishing the article. The emotions of a new disgruntled aspirants has been wrongly published as an article. I’ll try and explain below:

(PaGaLGuY sent an email to XLRI prior to writing the earlier article)

“But no response came and the next thing we know is that the results are

declared,” said one candidate.”

The deadline for sending the queries was 16th January 2015. The person who has made this statement  had sent many mails to XLRI regarding the matter of the contested questions, and we respect that. And we respect that. But if you look at the homepage of xatonline.net.in where the results were declared, we have issued an explanation. That explanation includes the actions taken after the mails were received, which includes setting up of an independent committee to review the contested questions and explanations provided. By the tone of the statement published by you, it seems like XLRI did not take ANY steps to answer the queries. Yes, individual mails were not send to each and every candidate, and I had specifically mentioned on the threads that these mails should not be expected, and that every query raised (with decent explanations) will be taken care of.

“So far, some 200 XAT candidates claim they have been wronged.”

-Gross misrepresentation here. Please have a look at the document that states this number – http://www.xatonline.net.in/XAT_Review.pdf . 200 MAILS have been sent in total. This number is not the number of the aspirants. Many aspirants have sent mails several times, and many coaching institutes have sent MANY MANY mails from different accounts (which have been tracked through their IPs as mentioned in the document).

“What irritated them even more was that XLRI, instead of responding to their queries, published the results with a small explanation saying : ” Students have been deploying pressure tactics on us which will not be encouraged. We are the best institute of HR in Asia Pacific and we know how to deal with a mob like this efficiently.””

-I am extremely disappointed with this completely blown out of context statement that has been published on Pagalguy. I ask you, did you see the explanation that was published by XLRI?? Please have a look at it once again –  http://www.xatonline.net.in/XAT_Review.pdf . Have a look at the second last para of page 2 where the concerned statement was made. I will quote what was written in the official statement “Some candidates used pressure tactics and rhetoric to ask for change of key. We have also received mails from those not registered for XAT; mails from same IP address; multiple emails with same content. Such tactics defies the intentions of releasing the key with explanation. Our intention was to make this as a collective exercise to improve the process. We expected that the candidates to put up a cogent and clear logic to support arguments and not rely on rhetoric and pressure tactics. We are not discouraging you to express your opinion but we are requesting you to be responsible and logical.”

Please point me to the source of the statement published in the article “We are the best institute of HR in Asia Pacific and we know how to deal with a mob like this efficiently”

This is a gross misrepresentation of the truth, and I do not expect at least Pagalguy to follow this path. This statement portrays XLRI as a very ‘proud’ college. I would request you to either provide us the source of the statement or take that statement down.

PaGaLGuY agrees. However, protesting candidates have proof wherein a student from XLRI has responded to the candidates in which he has said: “And buddies, you are questioning the best HR INSTITUTE IN INDIA, which sets the TREND in the market, others follow. PaGaLGuY has a copy of this post.  

“The protesting candidates would like XAT authorities to come out with the official key so that they can verify their scores. “People are facing problems in VA and DM sections. If  XAT authorities feel that they is no need for reevaluation and they are correct, nothing should stop them from making the official key available at their website,” added another aggrieved XLRI aspirant.”

-Umm, I really do not understand this statement. The official key is out on xatonline.net.in from 13th of Jan. What else do we need to do?? Is the official website of XAT not enough OFFICIAL?? The changed key has been online from the time the results were declared.

Please take a look at the article and make relevant changes  If I count correct, then there are less than 10 puys that are creating a ‘halla’ over the keys. I empathize with them, but posting the opinions of such a small number of disgruntled aspirants and assuming their opinions to be the truth is a wrong thing to do. Pagalguy has the utmost respect in my heart. But articles like this, based on zero groundwork, can cause damage to the reputation of XLRI, and this is something that we are not willing to negotiate on.

The protesting group says that there are atleast 200 aggrieved candidates. XLRI claims they are not more than 10. If needed, one can get the names of all 200.  Zero ground work is an unsubstantiated claim. 

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