Most graduates aspire to
acquire an MBA degree after graduation. It is not uncommon these days to
find even doctors and lawyers opting for an MBA. Obtaining an MBA degree
requires two important choices to be made – picking the right institution and
picking the right specialization. The choice of specialization requires
considerable thought since it decides the future course of your career.

There are a wide variety
of specializations on offer. Most institutions offering an MBA commonly provide
the following choices for specialization:

1. Marketing



Retail Management

Operations Management

6. Supply chain management

Given the wide choice
available, how should you choose a specialization? The three pointers below will
help you make an informed choice.

1. Core area of interest
– Do not go with the trend.  Take a long –
term perspective on the attractiveness of your choice as well as opportunities
for employment and sustenance.

Your aptitude – Ask yourself truthfully- what kind of work is
of interest to you? Introspection about your area of interest and your
personality type will help clear your thoughts while selecting a

Do your due diligence – Evaluate the subjects
under each specialization and then make an informed choice.

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