It is that time of the year when aspiring managers – both fresh
graduates and experienced professionals, are busy evaluating the options
available to them for gaining admission to a B-school that will equip them with
the skills to thrive in the corporate world. Some of the essential criteria
that one must consider while choosing a B-school are:

The Faculty

The quality of faculty is another criterion to consider. The
faculty received their education from which university? What schools have they
taught in before? Are they practitioners in the industry you wish to work in?
Also research more about the instruction methods of the school.

Your future cohort

It is important that a B-school provides
you with the opportunity to be in a cohort represented by classmates with
diverse professional experience and cultural backgrounds.
Interactions in the class when students have different cultural and
professional backgrounds and bring different viewpoints to the discussions
enhance learning. The diversity broadens your horizons and helps you improve
your cross-cultural teamwork skills.

Location, Costs

Location is obviously a significant factor when choosing your
school. Big cities such as the metros have the advantage of being near the
headquarters of big Indian and global companies and have easier access to
business leaders. Cost is certainly a factor – however if you are getting value
for your money in terms of the faculty and the quality of content delivery you
should be willing to stretch your budget.


Assessing the brand or reputation of a school such as school

Accreditation by AICTE and
other international rating agencies are indicative of adherence to recognized
standards of quality.

International Affiliations

Check if the school has international affiliations with globally
recognized B-schools for student/faculty exchange programs.

Future vision

Selection should also be based on the vision and the direction of
where the school is headed, and not only on where the school has been in the

Do your research

It goes without saying that
it is essential to do your research. School websites and online portals are a
good source of information for research.

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