Words that changed my perspective

When I started my career 2 years before, I was extremely happy as I was about to work in my dream company (my dreams were not much hi-fi during college times). I started my journey with a lot of energy & enthusiasm. I joined the company as a software engineer & travelled the path consisted of Java, Mainframe & Business Intelligence. Today I am working as User Interface Designer. During this journey from s/w engineer to UID that energy and enthusiasm eventually turned into fatigue and lethargy. I started considering my work as burden. Though, I didn’t have much to do compare to that of people around me. Most of the time in office, I prepared for CAT and other entrance, read newspapers online and kept the work on second priority. I always criticized my job & my salary in front of others.

Yesterday, while surfing I came to a very interesting video. The orator of that video gave a very beautiful message. He said “We go to temple to ask god for money, fame, happiness etc. But we do not respect our jobs which actually give us all these. The day we will start going to our work as we are going to temple & start taking our work as we are praying for our happiness, does not matter what work we are doing small or big, from that moment itself we will start progressing mentally, socially & financially.”

And while writing this article, I am proud to say that today I have enjoyed my day in office. And suddenly the energy and enthusiasm has defeated that fatigue and lethargy.

Remember “You are not your resume, you are your work.”


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