Words are Winds

Relationships, what are they? I guess they mean different things to different people. For some, it’s everything and for some it’s just something menial in their life. Sure we have modernized but I think we have modernized a bit too much. Our best friend is our mobile phone now and we love to call every second person as our BFF. We think driving a big car makes us supreme and for the love of god, I would never understand the concept of wearing sunglasses indoors!!!

We feel absolutely convenient and even liberated in using our tongue and blabbering out whatever words come to mind. Though I seriously doubt if we even let most of the ‘cool’ words reach the mind before they reach the recipient’s ear. We feel we have the right to say whatever we want and then a few songs, the lyrics of which goes like ‘its my mouth I can say what I want to’, help us reiterate this belief in the ‘freedom’ of speech. Whatever happened to being genial!

It’s simply thwarting to observe the usage of ‘words’ at the beginning of a day while commuting to work. It’s just incredible and melody to ears (read disgust) to hear slangs the moment one steps out of house. It’s just everywhere, radio, metro, buses, lifts, coffee shops. Thank God that we are not living in the ‘Game of Thrones’ age else everyone would be letting his/her sword taste blood each day.

Alright, let’s forget slangs for a while and let’s even come back home. It’s menial to see the kind of respect we offer our elders, our parents these days. We assume that snapping at our parents and our siblings is just alright because it’s ‘mah’ life. It’s as simple as taking relationships for granted. We know it in our heart and in our soul that our foolish silly parents won’t leave us, and our sibling won’t run away even though he wants to do just that. In fact, the sibling might just give it back to you in your face. What the hell is wrong with our patience level? Why do we loathe so many things, so many people around us? I bet there’s something wrong with each one of us.

It’s in our low and dark moments that we sometimes may comprehend how we deal with our relationships more often than we should. It’s in these moments of self-confession that we feel hollow with our gratitude level because it hits us that we have forgotten to invest in our relationships any more. We feel lost in the vastness of this world and the emptiness of ourself. We struggle to find ourself and we are willing to go any mile to find a way to find ourself. We want to get into a threadbare simulation mode wherein we willingly peel off all possible layers of the kind of person that we have become but it just doesn’t come easy to us now, does it?

Ever wondered what’s the reason? I am sure they are plenty because I myself can’t count them on my eight fingers and two thumbs but the one that comes to mind without much effort is our ‘words’. I honestly find the analogy of comparing words to winds befitting because words can’t be contained once said, words do the damage they are supposed to do and could even evoke a disastrous tornado at times. And we all know the level of destruction a tornado can bring.

So before we feel all the more lost on empty roads feeling like an empty road ourself, let’s collectively watch out for our words. Let’s promise ourself to be kind, to be wise and to love. Have you ever seen someone disgusting you when you smile at someone, even a stranger for that matter. Just imagine yourself in a room with people all around you on your 60th birthday (hopefully you shall live that long). What would you want them to say about you?

Never say the words that you don’t want to hear!

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