Winter Carnations at IIT Gandhinagar

With winter at its peak, it’s time now for Winter Carnations at IIT Gandhinagar (IITGN). This is our winter fest in our own style where we all enjoy an evening jammed with lively music, appetizing food and lots of fun.

This is an excellent way to enjoy and have a perfect weekend. Students of different departments come together and set up stalls to showcase their culinary, artistic and entertaining skills. It’s a paradise for a foodie as all sorts of food can be found at the stalls put up by various teams. This is a competition, and the winner will be the team who attracted and impressed the most people, either through food, games, discount coupons, or unique and crazy ideas! Not just the students, even the faculty set up stalls and compete with students in this race of winning the ‘best stall’ award.

There is a lot more than just food and games. A fancy dress competition was held, where participants dressed up and presented themselves as celebrities on the red carpet. Dressed up Shahrukh Khan from DDLJ, Dabangg Salman Khan and Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan were some of the celebrities participants were seen as.

As we walked through the entrance to Winter Carnations, our hearts were throbbing with excitement, looking at all the creative stalls with food items, the ongoing rock performance on stage, and the challenging games with exciting prizes. Our group split up immediately, each of us tasked to find a stall, and if the food was outstanding, to inform everyone so that we could gang up on it. The dosa stall won this race, with the result being very crisp and delicious. There were funny props, we had to use them to create a story. There were challenging quizzes about IITGN and its faculty, from which I could answer only a few questions.

The games were quite interesting, but the rock band was the best part of the evening. Once the band started playing, everyone left all the food and games and ran towards the stage. They started by playing songs from ‘Rock On’, and we were jumping and cheering soon enough. Arijit Singh’s songs were very much in demand, as IITGN has a huge population of Arijit Singh fans.

We took innumerable photos with our director, professors, juniors, seniors – we didn’t even leave the children our faculty had brought along. The kids were holding balloons of their favourite personalities. Everyone was dressed in their best and looked stunning, trying to gather as many compliments as possible.

A really memorable evening, we spent a lot of time together. Dancing, singing, playing, eating, chatting, after a week of busy schedules. The evening came like a drizzling shower on a hot summer’s day. The excitement and energy were great enough that we kept dancing till 1 AM, it was a lot of fun.

Generally, we don’t get enough time to be together with our friends on weekdays – given all the classes and labs and assignments and projects and quizzes and so on. Through this fest, we enjoyed a good time, leaving behind work pressures and tight schedules, we just danced and rocked the evening!

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