Winds of change ..never seen before

There is a sense of hysteria , a sense of change ,a change which I have never witnessed before.A Country where a single cricket match has made people forget strings of controversy ,but all of a sudden a series loss to the proteas has not had its desired effect.You may call it an ‘AAP’ effect,yes that’s exactly the centre of storm , an effect which has taken the nation by storm,no matter where you go the AAP follows.

All of a sudden the usual rhetoric of saas bahu and saazish followed by extra innings coverage of the same match for weeks has been taken over by people discussing whether or not the AAP will have its effect in the national politics.

Love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them.For the very first time elections were fought and won on the ground issues of corruption ,water and electricity rather then caste based politics.Sounds strange, doesn’t it?.There is a certain rat race among politicians for giving up the perks and extra security and make a mark on the minds of people.

All of sudden more realistic and day to day issues of corruption,inflation,water and electricity are the most talked about issues, then of wooing the dalits and the minorities.The issues which should have been on the top of agendas of political parties ,the issues which were more of a second fiddle to the caste based issues,have taken more of the limelight. political analyst say its a change which is a welcome one to our democracy.This are not issues developed overnight ;they have been existent for ages,but it has taken so long to make it more of a mainstream issue.

An election which would have seen the usual anti incumbency factor working in the favour of the opposition ,with the opposition hardly having to work for it since it was more of a two horse race ,has a certain shift because of an emergence of the new front .It remains to be seen whether or not the AAP will mark its presence across the nation.But what it has done certainly is, it has made the two biggest national parties realise they are not going to make it easy for them.

A change, a welcome change for our democracy .Competitions always gets the best out of you,it gets even better for the people when there are more choices available.Some call AAP as congress’s B team, some call it a Kejriwal effect but what matters most is the changes which we are observing in the political fraternity ,changes which were never seen before.It is yet to be seen whether or not the AAP fulfills its promises,but it has certainly made people dream,that even politics can be a good place to be.