Why we should vote for BJP or AAP ??

Before we go down the same fight regarding corrupt politicians in BJP and AAP running away from Delhi, please allow me to reason out those differences. Trust me; I am a supporter of AAP and BJP. This article is not about influencing your votes but sharing my thoughts about India and its political future to drive our nation towards prosperity.

For decades, we fought with each other for Congress and BJP and still are frustrated by the scams and injustice in India. Suddenly a revolution started by respected Anna Hazare and emerged a political party AAP under the guidance of Mr. Arvind kejriwal. What AAP did in Delhi in 49 days is outstanding and glorious. But, we cannot deny that AAP still, has lot to learn about running a government (Especially when there are enemies waiting for your one mistake to tear you apart). I think, AAP was strategically bullied by congress and they ensured that Lok Pal bill did not pass enforcing AAP to quit Delhi.

BJP is no saint, there are corrupt politicians in BJP as well, but let me ask you something, before AAP who was not?? Every common man in every election complains, he cannot find an honest candidate to vote for. Still, someone who eats up 2 Rupees out of 10 and spends 8 for nation is good enough. Congress has started to eat 8 and spend 2; this has cost our nation a fortune. That is why I like Narendra Modi. I have been to Gujrat and have many friends there as well. Yes, there are some exaggerations, but the development in Gujrat is fast and less corrupt if you ask me.

Now, in this election, if it wasn’t for AAP, BJP was a clear winner. After AAP, vote against Congress are divided. Also, AAP went national so fast that some corrupt candidates found their way to AAP (please don’t ask me how I know this, but I do). While I don’t have any doubt about Sir, Arvind kejriwal’s honesty, I fear other candidates will use him as a scapegoat and destroy AAP (That would be tragic for our nation). Also, AAP is in no state to have a clear majority throughout India. If that happens, what we saw in Delhi will be repeated and this disaster will kill our growth for a long time and end a revolution which could have change India for good.

The point I am trying to make is that, we need a stable government with clear majority (so that decision making is fast and cannot be influence by alliance of ruling party) and free our nation from Congress. That should be our first priority. If we bring BJP with a clear majority, we can hope from Mr. Narendra Modi (who has proven his governance skills in Gujrat development) and AAP will keep BJP’s governance in check. AAP will also get 5 years time to prepare for nationwide revolution and learn a lot about governance in these 5 years.

I think we, as Indian Citizens, should stop fighting among each other for these politicians; and plan to use them as they have used us for decades. Unity is our greatest strength & we shall not forsake it.

If we bring AAP with clear majority in Delhi and BJP with clear majority in India, AAP will have enough exposure to learn tricks and twist of governance. BJP will have their opportunity (which they are begging for) to prove themselves. If BJP doesn’t proves up to the mark, we will have AAP ready to take over Indian government in the next election.

67 years of Independence and we are still not united, we need to change this and now is the time.