Why Singapore has Capital Named Singapore Only? Boring People!!!

IIM Kozhikode GD/WAT and PI Experience 29 Feb 2016, Afternoon slot 1:30 PM – Panel 2 Hyderabad, Topic for WAT/GD- ‘ Does B-school take a step toward or back for entrepreneurship?’ ( don’t remember the exact title)

Total members-10

WAT was immediately followed by GD. It went decent. Everyone got a chance to speak. Little

PI Two members’ panel. Denoting by P1 (age 40-50, appearing strict) and P2 (35 around, was calm) After I greeted and sat. P1 went outside to return the Pen of previous candidate. P2 started digging into my file. (P1 came back after a min.)

P1– Are you done with your intro?

P2- No, we were waiting for you.

P1- Ok, introduce yourself.

Me– Started as prepared. Told them about my graduation, how I conducted social, cultural events, technical workshops blah blah. About my work at XYZ etc. and my hobbies.

P1- Why do you go and visit places? (one of my hobbies)

Me said, it gives me Joy n so..cut

P1- but why?

Me- I feel it connects me with the people, makes me aware of diff culture, socities n values.

P1- which place did you visit latest?


P1- and the place before that.

Me- Told. Said, sometimes it gives me an experience

P1- (Staring at me without a smile. Expressions- Mujhko ullu banane ka soch raha hai kya?!)

P1- Do you remember anything from your engg?

Me– Yess sir!! I do, I love EDC i.e., electronics design & circuits & digital circuits which are the base of electronics

P1- Tell me the diff between Analog and digital signal. Draw signals on paper.

Me- Drew some figures. Told the basic diff. How analog is a continuously varying signal and how not a digital one. How it is represented. How digital one in more efficient for operations.

P1- But you have drawn a beautiful analog signal, why don’t we use such beautiful signals?? (Yeah! Now come and play with me!)

Me- told how it is beneficiary to use digital ones over the analogs. (P1 didn’t look convinced with my answers. I could have added a couple of more points there. But could not.)

Now P2 started.

P2– You are from Vidarbha right. Why is it so infamous? For what reason?

Me– Sir, it is mainly Infamous for the suicides cases of farmers. From the land I belong to and the neighborhood districts, more than 2000 farmers have ended their life in past 2-3 years.

P2- What are its root cause?

Me- On paper, it is the drought condition. But I believe the reality is something else since I have been grown up seeing these conditions. They don’t have enough infrastructure facility, lacking research, no encouragements from gov. to look for some other crops than only Cotton which is highly dependent on weather condition etc etc.

(P1- as if had decided not to smile for entire life! P2- Nodding.)

P2- Do you know banks dedicated for Agri? Me- Told about NABARD. Mudra (provides loan to rural banks)

P2- full form of NABARD. Me- (thought for a while). I don’t know sir. P2- NABARD stands for National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. (I nodded).

P2– Any scheme recently launched?

Me- Krishi…sinchai…(cut)

P2– Yes yes. (smile)

(Now P1 started rapid fire!) P1– What is the capital of Japan?

Me-( took 3-4 secs to understand his

P1- of China?

Me– It’s Beijing.

P1- Malaysia?

Me– It’s Kuala Lumpur.

P1- Singapore?

Me- It’s Singapore.

P1- Why Singapore has capital named Singapore only? Boring people!

Me- I am not sure its exact reason but it was not a country before etc. P2- Really, which country’s part was it before?

Me- If I am not wrong it merged with Malaysia in 60s and parted away again since it had some trade issues and cultural conflicts.

P2 nodded again.

P1-(striking his pen) What’s the full form of ISIS?Me– It’s Islamic State..for

P1- Okay we are done!

P2– I am also done. You may leave. I stood up adjusting chair back to its position. (P1-ummm rehne do waley expressions.) Toffee was there but not offered. (I really wanted :P)

While leaving, both asked, which other IIM calls you have?

Me told. Thanked again n left.

(p.s: It didn’t happen as smooth as it seems while reading.) Tried including everything I encountered. Hope this helps.

All the best to everyone!