To be honest, I don’t know what I want to make out of my life but “MBA” is something which appeals to me the most to make a good future for myself. I took this big decision of preparing for “MBA” and joining some institute when I was on bunk and enjoying myself sitting in our college canteen with my buddies. We got pretty philosophical at that time, we discussed about our future prospects, pros and cons of “MBA” (mostly about pros only). The first and foremost thing which comes to my mind, when I come across the word “MBA” is moolah (this is the one thing which holds the world together next to gravity). So our brainstorming cum debate session ended in an hour by jumping to a conclusion that we must prepare for “MBA”. But then we got stuck with the choices of institutes available. we ended up going to 3 top institutes of present times. These institutes are working very hard nowadays, if you pass by the street of institutes and by chance say the word ‘MBA’ no matter how low voice you say in, the people from different institutes will hear you and appear out of nowhere and convince you somehow to choose their institute above others. Just 2 weeks after the deciding day, I saw myself sitting at institute in Connaught place, delhi (hub of MBA prep institutes) and doing nothing but hitting on girls, at that time I was not sure about doing it but still I was there.I don’t want to do “MBA” for myself, I want to do it for a 50 year old rich businessman ,whose daughter and I have been in love for a while now and her father would not allow my merger(already started using corporate vocab) with her UNTIL: I start paying Rs5000 for a t-shirt,I start giving hundreds of bucks as tips in restaurant, I start going to posh malls to get my nails pared, I start giving his daughter a ride in big luxury cars ( in fact I always give her a ride but by myself only), in short he wants me to be as rich as he is. So to reach this, I see “MBA” as the best slingshot, but there are choices among the sellers of slingshots also, IIMS are considered to provide the bests in the country. FMS is my favorite, reasons being, college in delhi, highest salary to fee ratio, DU hotties (last reason is for the mechanical engineers who even forget what a girl looks like by the end of 3rd year). the preparation of “MBA” is not a bed of roses, it’s a bed of thorns. I know, how I managed to survive in the past few months becoming a puritan. By now, our destiny must have got a fruit(borne by our hard work) in store for us. On the day of results, we get to know the taste of that fruit.