Why I chose MYRA for my PGDM 2015 ?

Here I would like to share my admission experience with everyone.

My journey starts with my simple thought that everyone needs management skills more and more as they move up the ladder. I decided what I wanted to do next. I wanted to take up management course and experience the learning to be a business ladder in the future. This decision of mine becomes stronger with MYRA.

While searching for many institutes and
universities, I came across MYRA. I was completely mesmerized with
internationally renowned faculty and very futuristic campus with all facilities.
My selection criteria included school reputation; focus on personal development
and class diversity. I believe that MYRA’s personal development courses will surely
be a differentiator for me and will help me decide to ultimately pursue my goals
in future.

As I look back this was the best part in the
whole exercise of applying for admission in MYRA. It seemed difficult before I
got into it. The statement of purpose essay forms an important basis for
selection, while I was working on my SOP it allowed me to visit parts of me
that were previously unexplored. Now I am a better person because of it and
know myself much better. After my SOP got selected I was called
for an interview via Skype. I interviewed with a respected professor of the
institute and the interview itself was fairly short at only 30 min or so and
was very straight forward. It began with me going through my SOP. The interview
mainly focused on my previous work experience and my technical knowledge about
my subject. It also followed with my basic idea of taking up this course and
what made me choose MYRA. It was such a great experience for me that I wish to
share with everyone.

I think it was one of the best decisions I
took and the efforts in the admission process were all worth it. And I am very
enthusiastic and looking forward for shaping my future with MYRA.

Abdul Mahe Jabeen,                                                                                                      PGDM (2015-2017).