Why Does School Of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) Choose To Be The Only B-School To Provide Full-Time Internships In One Year MBA Format?

Internship programs have become a common norm in almost all professional courses. In one year MBA formats however, full time on-the-job internships have still not made the cut. Since these programs are usually targeted towards professionals with some years of work experience, business schools often believe that internships would not add a lot of value to the profiles of such students. School of Inspired Leadership however chooses to not agree with this philosophy and has become the first business school in the one-year MBA format to have included one-month full time internship as an important part of its learning design. Rohit Gandhi, Head of Career Services at SOIL believes that internships are important for students with significant work experience as well for the following reasons:

  • Industry Switch: Studies show that 85% of students aspire to shift industries post the completion of other MBA program. Experienced MBA participants possess good knowledge about the industry that they come from, however internships act as a gateway to get good insights into the industry that they wish to be a part of.
  • Role switch: Most executive MBA participants have experience of working as individual contributors within their organizations. Post-MBA roles however requires them to work as a part of the team, mostly as a team leader. Internship at such managerial positions therefore prepares them well for what lies ahead in their rewarding careers.
  • Gateway to dream companies: Every MBA student has a list of companies that she/he wishes to join once they graduate. Often, getting an internship at such organizations becomes a gateway to a permanent job opportunity as well.

Here’s what SOIL students had to say about their internship experiences at various organizations:

While interacting with the employees at Yes Bank, I noticed that everyone had very diverse backgrounds, much like my batch mates at SOIL. The whole experience has been extremely rewarding and very challenging at the same time – Khushboo, PGP-HRL Student about her internship YES Bank.

My project at Volvo Eicher required me to develop complete Branding and Outreach Strategy for the company’s new product range, scheduled to be launched soon. For someone who is specializing in marketing and is looking to build a career in this field, there could not have been a better role” – Ajay, PGP-BL student about his internship at Volvo.

Getting to work with an organization like Tata Steel is an honor in itself. It was extremely heartening to hear that the industry eagerly looks forward to an institute like SOIL to create more such leaders who fearlessly work towards bringing a positive change” – Ayush, PGP-BL student about his internship at Tata Steel.

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