Why did I quit Civil Engineering


Sorry for choosing this Why MBA thread to vent out my feelings here. I couldn’t find any other thread appropriate enough.

Like most of you cursed your past for not scoring 90+ in 10th and 12th, I curse myself now, for choosing a stream in engineering that took me no-where! Leaving Computer-Science in NITs, new IITs and BITS Pilani, I chose a stream that had handsome jobs back then in 2008, against my father’s wish who wanted me to stick around in Madras.

What would you have done in your final year when no firm was turning up to recruit B.Tech folks? Yes! I did it. I chose to join an IT Firm, on Day-3. I was such a fool to think – I am planning for MBA anyway. Now, what difference is this move going to make! Work is work, anywhere. This looks more corporate. And this adds to the diversity in my profile.”

I didn’t consult anybody. And as I had decided it in my 3rd year itself that I wanted to do an MBA, without a second thought joined the firm, enjoyed a year and gave CAT in October.

The result was as expected, a little better in fact. And then my misery began. In the interviews so far, I was asked why I had to quit civil engineering. An interviewer said: “You are supposed to be building bridges over there. Don’t you think you are wasting government investment, coding and then investment banking! How could you quit civil engineering after studying for four years? Were you not interested in it? “. Upon being told about my paper, “Still, how could you leave! You may leave now!”

These incidents forced me to think if joining an IT Firm after Civil Engineering because I had no other choice left plus a loan was piling up. I believe it’s an unwashable sin! I wouldn’t have been this sad had I not got a call. This is highly discouraging. And people speak of brain drain…