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  • Why Banking after Family Business? My Interview Questions.


    Venue: Mumbai

    Date: 24/01/2015

    Reporting time : 8:30 AM

    Panel 1

    Sr. Number in the Batch: 12th

    Docs Verification done by 9:45

    Interview time : 11:15 to 11:25 total 20 minutes

    5 panel members 4 Gentlemen and 1 Lady (Who dint utter a single word the whole time đŸ˜› )


    1) tell us something abt urself (told abt my totally confusing career path Hotel management> Travel Sales> Family busness of textile, and some of my hobbies )

    2) Why banking after HM

    3) we are looking for Finance Background ppl , why should we select you?

    4) what textile business? What are the problems faced by Textile Industry in India

    5) what is GDP? WHat does it indicate?

    6) your family business might create more income than a Banking job , why banking then?? 

    these are the only questions I can remember as of now đŸ˜›Â 

    will post in comments if any more 

    overall i liked giving the Interview 

    All the best Puys, go out there be yourself and be calm and composed Cheers!!! 

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