Who Says We Can’t Have it all? Give Love an Equal Chance

Recently I grabbed a copy of Disha Chhabra’s My beloved’s MBA Plans. I never had the affinity for this genre of books. However the reviews for this book on various blogs and forums caught my attention. It talks about the successful stories of people who pursued their executive MBA degrees. The catch being they either had families, were married or were about to get married. It’s about the compromises made and the efforts of two people to make their dream come true and in some cases of their spouse’s. I could relate to every tale as we all go through similar circumstances and it prompted me to pen down my thoughts.

Reality bites hard when we are out of college. We are all pushed into a crazy race and we run like maniacs. We aspire and want to have everything; the perfect job, a great package and all the other materialistic desires. But between all this we step on and leave behind a great emotion; one we crave for at some point in our life: LOVE.

Relationships break as we feel that our hands are too full and making a spectacular career is more important than nurturing our relationships with our loved ones. We all scribble shirts, leave behind lovely notes and make promises to our loved ones on the last day of college. Why do we forget these later? Why don’t we try to save a relationship that can blossom into a successful story. It may have happened a few times that you may have wanted to drop a message or make a call to the person you love the most and you couldn’t – all due to your promises that weren’t kept.

Don’t be scared. Just like belling the CAT, all a relationship requires is perseverance. Give space, understand and respect the needs and aspirations of your loved ones. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Don’t give up your ambitions for love. That would be utter foolishness on your part. But don’t give up on love either. When the feeling is right just go for it.

Ambitions, aspirations and love make a perfect combination. And the feeling one gets after having it all is out of the world. Love is worth the wait. We all give these bullish exams another try, and then why not hold on to love? Give it an equal chance.

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