Who am I ?

The way we cultivate and maintain our relationships has become an integral part of our career strategy. In all business categories relationship building is the key to success. It is the bedrock on which all important organizational functions are based. In the dynamic virtual world, the expectations of team work, proactive behavior and efficient service delivery are nothing but a test of personality for effective performance.

To climb the echelons of success one needs strong leadership skills, to build a strong foundation for the family, one needs to have a personality that is filled with compassion and understanding, to excel and stand out in the workplace, one needs a high level of self-esteem and confidence. It needs a great deal of introspection and self appraisal. It is rather both inward as well as outward looking. It may begin with thinking-Who am I? Which is a kick start to the journey and will lead one to the final destination of- What do others think of me? This is because one will often be evaluated by the attributes that one has, so it is very important that we build, develop and enhance a personality that will attract others to us in a positive way.

With self help and trainings one can develop a winning personality. It is a gamut of opportunities that can help a person to transform an ordinary personality into an impressive one. It’s a gradual process of self development.

The 4 steps of personality advancement are enumerated which if practiced can help one rediscover one’s own self:

1. Discover yourself- this is the stage of self analysis, what is your passion, what do you want to achieve in life, what gives you personal and professional happiness. This exercise will give immense clarity of thought and direction

2. Examine others- observe people around you, those you admire and those you don’t like. People with positive qualities always attract and influence others in a positive way. Such an inspection gives a clear indication of the traits you want to imbibe and those you want to give up. The source could be people around you- colleagues, friends, family or business icons, celebrities etc.

3. Get courageous- adapt the goods that you have learnt by far and expel the negatives of your personality. Both involve a fair deal of audacity because they have been a part of your disposition for a long time. Do not mistake adoption with copying.

4. Practice- Develop the habit of congratulating yourself on achievements. Rehearsing a particular behavior can prove to be quite effective.

5. Welcome feedback- Be open to criticism, opinions and suggestions because they will help in improving further.

Hence follow all the steps as it opens up a world of opportunities, it makes you grow and uncover strengths you didn’t know you possess.

Compiled By – Ms. Yuki Ahuja, Faculty, JIMS, Sector-5, Rohini