Which MBA institute is best for IT?

Someone needs to enlighten me. I’ve converted Glim PGPM and TAPMI and IMT-G so far. Whenever I ask which one should I prefer people say IMT for marketing GLIm for IT and TAPMI for finance. I know that. But marketing and finance are different processes. IT is not a process. What does everyone mean by saying glim for It?? IT firms are multi billion dollar enterprises where all sorts of processes do happen.

And surely you won’t go into coding or software after MBA! Is it like everyone is just repeating what others are saying? And is GLIM not comparable with these colleges after all? I’m seeing many posts saying don’t even bother to compare GLIM with the likes of higher ones like IMT IMI and all. But can you please substantiate ? Fees is more or less the same as the these colleges at glim and average package of 12 lpa is way higher than IMT IMI GIM (8.5, 9.9 and 8 resp) etc and at par with XIMB and NMIMS Mum and higher than SCMHRD and MICA (11.5).

IT or not, are these corporates stupid enough to throw higher packages for candidates passing out from a “lesser” college? The highest package at glim (PGPM) for the last two years is 34 and 51 lpa!! Way way way higher than any of these colleges and even new IIMs or NMIMS or most colleges above it. In fact more than double!! (Yeah! Highest package is not a factor to be considered as it’ll be a one off case, but then why is it that glim is getting such high package but the old biggies still ain’t Able to bag something even remotely close after all these years??)

Do you really think these corporates are dumb enough to shell out such insane sums on graduates from glim when they can offer it to candidates at “better” colleges? Logically, these stats tells me ‘don’t even compare lower colleges like IMT IMI with glim’? Or is it all based on legacy? Glim is a new college, just 10 years old, and the rest are all 30+ years old colleges. So is it like, a new college can never be as good as or be better than the others unless it manages to time travel and make their years of existence the same as the older ones?? But then glim is one among the only seven colleges in India which is Amba recognised and from what I’ve heard they’ve top class faculty.

And above all, you’ll start earning in 1 year unlike the other 2 year courses. So in which of the above mentioned things does the rest score above GLIM and moreover, a comparison of glim with the other colleges is sounding “absurd”?? Please enlighten me. I’m frustrated and confused and don’t want to make a bad decision. Pure reasoning makes it sound like a straightforward choice. But the constant talking down of glim in the forums is making me  hell lot confused. Probably some alumni from different institutes should reply?? I’m sure it will help a lot of others too.

My experience – 1 year automation, 1 n half years IT, 1 and half years business (tech startup and family business too).

I want to get into consulting sector post MBA. Business consulting

Ps: I’m awaiting the results of IMI, XIMB, DSE and IIT-R too. Only DSE seems to have a straight forward edge over any of the above mentioned colleges because of the fee factor. And I’m sure education wise there won’t be much of difference in any of these including DSE! 

I have already made half the payment for glim and if I wanna back out I should do it by April 20 or so. And from the other two I went for TAPMI just because I saw more consulting recruiters there compared to IMT. I know IMT is the better one for marketing. Awaiting the remaining results.

Someone please give me a proper insight and help me make a decision. PGPM classes start way before the others. April 29 in fact. So I need to make a decision before that. ?