Where the Mind Lives !!

Its not often that one sits in office to write the first few words on PG, but then I am doing it. Among the hustle bustle of a fresh Monday,with my colleagues arguing over bits and pieces of code written in robotic languages the C’s the Java’s the .NET’s, what I do is to pay least attention to it and chide my self here on PG.

It always seem to me that our mind has a mind of its own.It works the way it wants.Starting from which bus I take, to the slow locals and a sky walk that takes me to a two floor office. The only constant work i do is in the head. “How do i make it??” “How do I improve??” “CAT 2014 now??” “Will i be able to??”, yes there is a me that keeps telling me “YES you can” but then why i don’t trust it ?

I have started to do just the wright things. A bag with a ET , a bottle of filtered H2O, a pen and a Business world accompanies me in the locals,though i hardly find space to flare it. An article a day is what I am able to do in ET with the complementary TOI issues lying on ground when I enter my room in late evenings rather night. Food followed by flipping of a couple of books completes the day. As I go to sleep there is but one thing that does not sleep and asks me again “How do i make it??” “How do I improve??” “CAT 2014 now??” “Will i be able to?? ” and for a fraction of second when I believe myself, I feel as if i am climbing those Harvard steps with positive thoughts of nailing every odd from the next day and making my dream come true. And then what?? The same thing the next day.

I have no clue on the objective of writing this anecdote, but may be there are more of me in face of you, and if there are lets do something revolutionary enough to change the “Life in a metro” we have to the “Life in a b-school we dream”.

** feedbacks would be valuable.

**Image courtesy daalmekaala.com