When Orange Balls Saved the Rookies: A Short Story

Disclaimer: This write-up is to be read in a light-hearted manner. Any similarity with the living or dead is NOT a coincidence but the TRUTH.

This is a tale of a period when the new admits were suddenly exposed to a hectic schedule of long mid-night assignments, stressful bi/tri-weekly exams, interesting but elongated guest lectures and mind boggling club activities at MISB Bocconi.

It was a time when students were busy in inferring some sense out of complex assignments and in preparing engaging class presentations (in which they mostly failed!), while at the same time, they were dragged into solving depressing team issues and in consuming unnecessary calories. Some were troubled because they were not able to find time for their girlfriends/boyfriends/spouses, while the others were troubled because they could not find time to ‘continue the search’ for their would-be girlfriends/boyfriends/spouses.

On one such grim night, when the clouds of stress were hovering over the innocent batch, “at the stroke of midnight hour, when the world was asleep”, the newly appointed sports committee buzzed MISB watsapp group with a broadcast!

The eyes glistened with the blueness of the TT table and the heart elated with the sound of orange Ping-Pong balls. Former players found their long lost interest while the new ones found a satisfying murderous revenge in slapping lawn tennis like smashes. A sense of competition and nonsensical fun prevailed. And MISB was never the same again.

Be it the lunch break at 12 noon or the self-created-assignment-hiatus at 4 in the morning, TT became an important part of the everyday life.

The course remained the same. The assignments remained the same. The situations remained the same; girlfriends/boyfriends/spouses remained angry (and same). But PGPB-2 was living again, PGPB-2 was smiling again.

Long live Table Tennis!

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