When life offers you a second chance

If you think not getting admission in an engineering college is the reason behind taking a drop year, then you are wrong. Then why do students drop? There are two possible reasons.

– Not fulfilling the eligibility criteria – Which rarely happens

– Wanting a better future – The major reason behind taking a drop year

unsaid rule in India is ‘ABCDE’: AnyBody Can Do Engineering. That’s right. I will tell
you the scenario in Maharashtra. Firstly, you need to pass your board
examination with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of
the Chemistry or Biotechnology or Biology or Technical or Vocational subjects
and obtain at least 50 % marks in them (45% marks for Category candidates)
according to the eligibility criteria for engineering laid out by the Directorate
of Technical Education.  

Secondly, you need to have a non-zero score in MHT-CET or a positive score in JEE
Mains. Well, this eligibility criteria is very easy to fulfill.

can always get admission in a Tier-3 engineering college. There are around 3,300
colleges with over 15 lakh engineering seats in India.  

With almost 13 lakh engineering aspirants
every year, the seats are more than sufficient for every candidate. All in all, there’s never any need of

have a look at the major reason behind dropping, and wanting a better future. Taking
a drop year may seem dreadful. But, is it that terrible?

student deserves a second chance. What is better – Being satisfied with a
Tier-3 college and an insecure future? or trying again sincerely for Tier-1 and
Tier-2 colleges which offer a better future? All you will be losing is a year;
what you will be gaining is a second chance. You need to make a choice. To drop
or not to drop, the decision is entirely yours.

if you decide to give it another shot, then it has to be a sincere effort. You
will have a year’s experience to start with. You have learnt from your mistakes
and you know what needs to be done. You have to give your best. No birthdays,
no festivals, no movies. Your life may feel stagnant. Your friends will be
progressing. But you have to stay focused. Utilize your time well. Keep
yourself motivated and strive towards a better future. People may criticize you
for your decision but you have to prove them wrong. You have to trust yourself.
It’s just a matter of 365 days.

comes, but at a cost. After a year of stagnancy, victory will be yours. A
victory that ensures a better college with better infrastructure, better
faculty, better curriculum and most importantly- better placements and a bright
future ahead.

if you think you deserve a better future, if you think you have it in yourself,
if you trust yourself, then go for it; the world’s waiting to be conquered.

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