When City Gets Washed Up!

One day of dawning winter when I woke up unusually early in morning and left my room just to open the gates to welcome my usual yet most awaited daily guests;milkman and my newspaper hawker, my eyes got caught up to something atypical.

Unlike every day that morning 6 was intense dark yet pleasing.The air was smooth but little notorious playing game of treasure hunt.

The treasure here is inner ME that the glib air want to dig out from me.

As I stepped towards the garden a new day and a new city awaits for me. Indeed a new city,washed away by the unexpected winter rains. It seems as if the rain was meant to replenish the city in the descending winter to enter the new season.

To me it appeared as if Mother Nature took lot of pain last night to wash away each and every corner of the city that was painted dark by the civilized animals in last decade.

Realizing this i closed my eyes in grief for a moment and could hear the wind murmuring in my ear “Nature took the initial step to clean your land,your earth but now she want you to step ahead and continue this being or you already know nature is very obsessed about its power!”

As I opened my eyes,wind left me alone with the smile on my face to see new and fresh day but with an aspiration to let it be there till the zest!