What’s an MBA going to do for me?

As a Michigan graduate, a lot of smart guys and gals like you all approach me asking for why go for spending so much money to get an MBA. Or in other words, is it worthwhile? Or in yet harsh words, can an MBA save me or my career?

Well, it always comes down to the age old theory of opportunity cost.

As an investor (in this case of your money and time) you should always look for an alternate opportunity. It is like having 10 million in the bank and spending it on a real estate in Gurgaon which will appreciate at 10% or more over the next 5 years Versus spending it all in 2 years and hoping to get it all back at a higher rate of return through a job in Wall Street or by running a new business.

There is one more result – having the thought in your mind all your life that you did your MBA by treading a way not taken by many and you are now a lot more smarter, faster (in getting things done), and sexier an individual in all dimensions that matter in life.

For me, this was the main reason to go for an MBA and I believe that my mission got accomplished.

At The Knowledge Space we look for driven folks who believe that a successful GMAT and an admission to a great University is not just a ticket to USA but something that can get you the knowledge that takes you beyond a job or a business.

It doesn’t matter where you have been, what matters is where you are going and if you believe what we believe, an MBA will take you someplace worthwhile.

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