Whatever happens, happens for good!

It all started when I was being sent to US by my current employer. I was pretty much excited about it and was feeling sad at the other end as I was about to be separated from my long term boyfriend and friends. I was about to fly with British Airways which would have only one stop till my destination and that stop was London Heathrow airport. I was really excited to see the airport and have heard it from one of my friends that it is a technology in itself.

On a whim I decided that I wont look at the watches whatever time it may be which I thought would ease me a bit as I was about to fly in economy class for next 24 hours ? The journey was backbreaking and it took 14-15 hours to reach Heathrow which made me sick of siting at one place. The halt was supposed to be of 5 hours. I enjoyed the spectacular view of the airport but was bored after an hour. But somehow, I was convinced that it must be a technology in itself though personally I couldn’t find much difference between New Delhi and Heathrow airport.

When I boarded the next flight from Heathrow, there was a lot chaos within the plane and bunch of people were shouting and I was sitting in the last queue so I couldn’t get much out of it. The flight took off 30-35 mins late from its schedule. I ignored all of it and slept to pass the remaining time.

Finally I arrived at my destination and when I tried to search for my baggage at the baggage claim area, it was lost. Rather, the baggage was lost for every passenger on that flight. I was totally broke. The place was totally new and that was the first time I was travelling abroad. My baggage had everything in it. Anyway I took a taxi and reached to my hotel. When I entered into the hotel and asked for my reservation, the receptionist said that I don’t have any booking with them and probably this hotel was another branch of the hotel which I had the booking with. She told me that the other hotel is about a mile away and I was supposed to walk all the way. I just had my cabin bag so it was not very tough for me to walk . Finally I reached my actual hotel. I checked in. It was 6:30 pm.

When I opened my cabin bag, it fortunately had a pair of jeans and a t shirt ? which my sister packed for emergency situations like this. The baggage itself arrived to me 3 days later to my hotel around 12 am and I was so happy that whatever happened, it all happened for good as I could never carry the whole luggage from one hotel to the other all by myself walking.