What to expect in your interview with Bennett University?

We are the ones who will be
asking most of the questions on the day of your interview with us. However, you
may have few questions of your own before the interview and here we attempt to
answer some of the frequently asked ones.

1. Who
will be conducting the interviews from Bennett University‘s end?

The interview
panel from Bennett University will have:

Mishra – COO, The Times Group

Dr. Yaj Medury
– Vice Chancellor designate, Bennett University

Dr. Saji
Gopinath – Dean, School of Management, Bennett University

2. What
will be the format and content of the interview?

The panel  will ask questions testing the candidate’s
general knowledge, awareness of current affairs, and academic competency besides
testing stress management abilities. This is an indicative format and several
other aspects specific the candidate’s profile will be also be tested.

The candidates
will also get to meet the senior team of Bennett University interact with them,
ask questions about Bennett University and get honest feedback. The team
members will include the panelists above as well as Col. (Retd.) Vijay Kumar
(Registrar), Anil Kumar (Director, External Affairs), Ajay Batra (Director,
Centre for Entrepreneurship Education) and Sajith Pai (Head – Marketing)
amongst others.

3. What
qualities are you looking for in candidates?

skills and academics

A strong sense
of logical analysis is a must for MBA candidates – solutions and answers should
be sensible and prompt. We look for candidates who are smart and easily able to
handle the demands of the schoolwork and, ultimately, the business world.


managers are firstly successful leaders. While it may be early for you to prove
leadership ability in the workplace, we look for traits that make for good
leaders of the future such as project management, handling responsibilities,
leading individuals in everyday situations, etc.

Focus and

MBA programs
are rigorous, placing demands on the mind and body. A full commitment is
required to get through the course while making the most of the experience.

communication skills

effective communication, there is no management and no leadership. While our
focus will be on developing effective communication skills, the basic building
blocks need to be in place in the candidate.


The work
environment is unpredictable. Hence, creativity plays a big role in generating
efficient and effective solutions to business problems. Specific displays of
creativity in real life situations show that the seed is present.


A strong sense
of entrepreneurship is the foremost thing business leaders and MBA students
need to have. You must be extremely motivated and strongly driven to achieve
your goals.


Like we said,
a MBA program is demanding on the intellect. Without discipline, your program
and the rest of your career will fall apart rapidly.


Ethics has
never been more important for business leaders and managers. An honesty in
dealing with stakeholders is vital in the 21st century. It starts
with academics and in dealing with those around you from an early stage.


A MBA student
is will work in groups on different projects. A successful MBA student needs to
be comfortable working with others, which is the training ground for real life
business situations in future.

4. What
else will I get to see on that day?

Expect to see
the Times Group work culture. We will give you a glimpse of the infrastructure,
office building, the spirit, and the energy that drives this 177 year old
business group. You will also get to see initiatives like Gaana.com,
Magicbricks.com, etc operating from our office. One important aspect of keeping
our employees happy and motivated is the excellent infrastructure and
facilities we provide to them. The vibrant atmosphere of the office resembles
an office in Silicon Valley with recreational facilities like Snooker tables, a
boxing ring (for venting all that energy!), and a life-sized model of a tank, a
war zone replica (for various team building activities), etc. This makes for a very
colorful and energetic ecosystem that boosts creativity, keeps people happy and
makes them look forward to coming in to work each day.


Bennett University, an
initiative from The Times of India Group, launches July 2016 with the promise
of getting students ‘life and career ready’. Supported by research-driven
faculty, global academic partnerships and a well-rounded industry-centric
curriculum, the University will prepare students to compete and prosper in a
rapidly transforming world.

Located in Greater Noida,
outside the National Capital Region, the University will initially offer a
B.Tech in Engineering (with specializations in Computer Science Engineering,
Electronics & Communications and Mechanical Engineering), and an MBA in
Management. Over the next few years, it will expand to a comprehensive offering
of undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD programs across Engineering, Management,
Media, Law, Design, Architecture, Liberal Arts and Applied Sciences.