What The Big Billion Day was, and how it panned out

How often have you noticed your parents scroll through their smartphones at midnight, well after their bedtimes? It can be only one of two reasons: A world cup final, or an ecommerce sale.

The Big Billion Day is an online sale brought into existence by one of the largest ecommerce portals in the country, Flipkart. In 2014, its initial year, the sale was accessible through the website. However, in 2015, the company decided to make the offers available for purchase only through their mobile-based applications. In addition to this, unlike last year, the sale was on for a 5-day period. “As an app-only shopping event, our ‘big billion days’ have exciting offers and discounts across 70 product categories for customers,” Flipkart said in a statement.

Owing to increase in the number of inappropriate configuration of numerous products, the authenticity of the sale had weakened in the eyes of people. The review sections of various products were flooded with countless entries full of negativity. Apart from this, users were also unhappy due to inadequate availability of products. But these circumstances did not discourage the company’s will to continue. Ergo, they came up with a bigger sale which offered a lot more than its predecessor.

Flipkart CEO Sachin Bansal along with other heads of the company utilized an opportunity to facilitate the process by taking up the role of delivery personnel. The sale was a major success. According to Business Insider, “It was noticed that there has been a 395% growth in product transactions between last year and this year.” Considering such statistics, witnessing a similar sale next year will not at all be surprising.

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