What is stopping you?

I always wanted to write this and I know my writing style wont attract a lot of people, but I guess it is the matter that matters!

Recently one of my friends decided to get married to a rich mannerless NRI, I congratulated and asked her if this is all she wanted, she said “I don’t know, but this is the best I can get.”

Best you can get? Seriously? You are just 23 with whole life in your hands and all you want to do is leave your job and cook 20 chapatis a day for some rich guy and his obese family? Just for few decent LA/Kannedda pics on your FB profile? Is this what you studied whole day whole night for?

Same for guys…23 and looking for a girl to date? Come on guys! This age is never going to come back, relationship and other OBSTACLES are already waiting for you, why do you want to limit yourself and take that unnecessary burden? Bet you have already broken heart of at least one nice girl, have been cheated by at least one extremely pretty girl and never got noticed by famous girl of college, still not coming out of loop?

NO! This is not best you can get, best is when you take a leave, go for vacation and see how world around you is doing, best is when you learn new stuff, best is when you are looking for ways to make your life better, best is when you develop a hobby other than giving competitive exams!

I don’t understand what is stopping you? Why do you need a rich guy to be happy in life? Or some 10 lakh per annum job to be called ‘successful’? This is 21st century, it is all about YOU! Your desire, your attitude, your way of living matters, you should feel comfortable in your job and not get upset because your best friend is earning 12 lakh per annum or dating a tall skinny girl!

We all need to stop avoiding facts and hiding, start it from today, be something more than those guys sending random ‘Fraandship requests’, don’t be just another ‘9 to 9’ worker, try things before it is too late….once you are 50 you will have time and money but no energy left! Don’t just hand over your life to some rich NRI or some govt job or some overly attached GF, don’t stop yourself, you are one of those few who can read and write and run and learn and make use of that 2 Kg brain! Make it count… do something you can brag about when your grandchild asks you, what are you going to tell them? All your life you chased girls or kept learning how to make papads for ‘prospective’ grooms?