What is our responsibility for nation..!

We always talk about changing the system and we blame the system that it is corrupt and not performing for the good of the people.Well that is obvious and true at some extent but for a system to be strong and perform well it is important that its base must be strong and what is the starting chain of any system where the base of system belong? Yes, the citizen of the that nation.

India is a democratic country where each and every member has responsibility toward their nation. What is that responsibility? Paying tax? or Voting ?. These are the responsibility which we all aware of but we have few social responsibility as well which we are aware but not concern about. We have all the facility (electricity, good water, good food, transport etc…) to live our life happily. But do we ever think how will our life be without these valuable facility or how those group of people are adhere their life without these all. I am not saying here that we go to those areas where these vulnerable and poor people live and give them these all luxury.

I tell you why am talking on this. Every day go to office and I get AC cubical, good water, good food in cafetiere, free coffee 24X7 but at the same time i see people are not seems to understand that these all facilities are not to waste for these all are for your good. Of course we work here so it is to make us comfortable at work. We let the tab of water open, waste the food and through it into wastage box, leave the system open and etc.. I am giving an example and we even do the same at out home and other places.

Do we ever think that many people including child and women sleep hungry and the food which we put in the trace can feed many.If we take these as our one of responsibility then there will not be any need make any bill like Food Security Bill, water conservation programs, buy electricity from others.

So with these we can save our time from blaming government and can see our country developing and I am sure we are not loosing or sacrificing any thing and we helping many and helping our nation.

Feel proud feel great and be happy