What Happens After You Publish an Article on Channels


Right after you write an article for Channels and publish it, it is posted in a list called Latest.

The Latest list is nothing but a sequence of all contributed articles in chronological order.

Soon after you post the article, our team of editors goes through the content. If the article passes our benchmarks of utility and quality, we promote the article to the Recommended list.


Articles in the Recommended list show up in everybody’s Live Feeds on PaGaLGuY via the ‘Latest News’ app.


Appearing on the Live Feed ensures the largest possible audience for your work, which in turn drives more comments, discussions and sharing on your article.

Sometimes, before recommending, we might work some editing chops into your article by improving the grammar, style or both, but without altering the meaning.

We end up recommending most articles contributed to Channels. But to maximise the chances, following proper grammar and punctuation and adding a cover image to the article would be a wise thing to do.

But one guaranteed reason for an article to NOT be recommended is if the author does not follow our Rules of Posting and Guidelines.