What gives liberal education an edge over vocational education?

Education is an instrument to delve into various aspects of the environment and attain knowledge. It is one of the strongest tools that can not only develop an individual but also an entire nation. In a developing country like India, an effective and well rounded form of education can pave the way to empower the downtrodden. Despite being one of the top higher-education systems in the world, India has a long way to go in terms of providing a more practical rather than just theoretical knowledge.

Liberal education is one of the most effectual ways to holistically prepare a student for numerous challenges that await him in the big bad world. As compared to the traditional and vocational form of education, which focuses on just 1 or 2 industries, liberal education has the capability to kindle young minds and enable them to critically analyze a situation faster and more effectively than others.

The subjects included in a liberal arts course can highly strengthen and broaden the intellectual foundation of a student. From business and finance to communication and performing arts, various interests of an individual can be tapped into at the same time through it.

While higher education in India is just a medium to land up a job, that shouldn’t be the only purpose of getting educated. Honing a set of skills and developing an individual’s perceptions, imagination and creative abilities is what liberal education aims to provide.

This form of education is steadily gaining momentum in the country. The fact that there are many institutes in India transforming restrictive courses into liberal ones can put our country on the road-map of an intellectually forward country that comprises of multi-talented and skilled individuals.