What does Ustad Bismillah Khan play?

Puys and guys and everyone  here is my interview exprnce  which was pretty dull i think


place- delhi

morning shift

9 baje bulaaya tha,,mere batch me 11 bande the,,aur mera serial no 9 tha,,,,pehle bande ka interview 11.15 am tak pura ho gaya tha,,aur last bande ka 2 pm tak,,interview,,document verification and everthng included 

chalo ab interview par aate hain

i entered the room ,,hello hi bola sabko,,,,3 bande the room me,,par front me nahi the saare,,,,imagine a rectangle type table us par,,ek lady front me baithi thi(lets call her LF),,ek lady left side par ( LL) aur ek male right side par (MR),,so basically that means no eye to eye contact with other interviewers while giving answers.

my background,,commerce graduate and MBA in HR .

here it is.

LF seeing my profile- so kis language me interview dena prefer karoge,,hindi ya english,,

ME- mam any u prefer.

LF- so u have done ur graduation in commerce,,and you r mba in here,,,,and u have worked in bank and currently working with

ME- department of post as an Inspector.

LF- keeps reading my bio-data form,,and asks me abt my hobbies.

ME- i  said as i have written,,Working out in Gym and Introspection..aur bas bina baat ki baate.

LF – so u have studied economics in ur graduation and mba also,,,,so tell me who is karl marx.

ME- thinking karl marx ke baare me kabhi padha hi nahi graduation me to kabhi,,par civil ke liye optional taiyaar karte hue to padha tha to aaj kaam aa jaayega  i answered abt him,,economist tha,,sociologist bhi aur philospher bhi keh sakte hain,,capitalistic class kaise working class ko rule aur ruin karti hai uske baare me theories thi iski,,class struggle ke baare me,,,,aur book likhi thi Dass Capital  m feeling happy at this time  but she asks capitalistic class ko kya naam diya tha,,aur meri lutiya dub gayi ki main kaise bhul sakta hun us naam ko jise maine lagataar padha hai   i said working class ko proletariat kaha tha,,she says rightttt,,,,but affter thinking for a few seconds i said mam m not able to recall and she says bourgeoisie and i was likeee yesss mammmm Bourgeoisie ? 

LF- unhone ek particular word diya tha pure world ko,,what was that 

ME- nahi yaad aa raha.:(


LF- India me communism ke baare me puchne lagi,,CPI ka chief and iska HQ kahan hai.

ME- smiling face but andar se watt,,,,i said sorry mam,,i dont know 

LF – naam bataya us chief ka,,aur kaha suna hai ye naam ya nahi

ME-feeling bad.

LF- monetary and fiscal policies me diffrnce batao.

ME- starting me thoda nervous tha,,par fir explain kar diya 

LF- naxalites??

ME- thoda bohat bataya ki naxalbari jagah se start hui movement hai,,govt aur uski policies ke against struggle ki wajah se.

m getting nervous,,not missing their questions,,but also not hitting them hard as much as i can.

ab is bich me male banda washroom gaya hua tha,,aur wo wapas aata hai,,aur ye saamne waali question par question daag rahi hai,,ab main kya karun,,answer dene ke baad usko hello hi bolun ya nahi  par wo mauka hi nahi de rahi kuch bolne ka  to fir nahi bola 

now LAdy on left -LL

LL- i will say a few names,,u need to tell me from which field they belong to…i said okay mam.

LL- ustad bismillah khan.

ME- a musician.

LL- what does he play.

ME- always knew that he plays shehnai,,but suddenly gets confused in shehnai and sitar  dont know why,,,,aur maine soch rakha tha ki is baar main jyada khinchunga nahi chizo ko,,haan ya na karunga,,,,then i said sorry mam,,not able to recall.

LL- sonia gandhi.

ME- chairperson of congress,,then corrects myself,,chairperson of UPA and has been in manmohan singh govt.

LL- nelson mandela.

ME-bata diya,,apartheid ke against jung chhedi thi inhone 

LL- jayalalita

ME- CM of AP.hehehehehe…. then corrects myself..and say CM of Tamil Nadu.

LL-is she still the CM.

ME- no..she is been jailed on orders of SC.


ME- knew abt it,,but pakka yaad nahi aa raha tha,,ki pura issue kya tha,,to i said sorry  

now my mind is playing strange tricks 


ME- starts thinking what is the full form of brics..kya hota hai isme,,m trying to think an OPEC like full form.hehehehehe.

LL- countries part of it???

ME- laughing on myself answered the question.

ab baari male on right.

MR- so u have done mba in HR.

ME- yup

MR- tell me the diffr between manager and leader.

ME- managers are made,,they are people who are taught abt their skills,,but as we study in management leaders are born..their skills are honed but not taught to them…..managers ka kaam jobs allocate karna aur unko organize karna aur supervise karna rehta hai,,whereas leaders need to be at top to  lead,,,,they will just lead by example chahe wo kisi bhi positionn par rahen.

MR- tell me the name of one leader.

ME- cud have said modi,,but i went for Kejriwal.

MR- but his management skills are not so gud.

ME- yup sir,,its a pitty that last time it didnt last very long,,but personally i liked him as a leader,,as he has set examples by  doing what he believes in.

MR- motivation theories,,and diffrnt types of motivation.

ME- bata diya,,monetary,,job security,,better working conditions,,faster growth and all that.

MR- aur self actualisation??

ME- haan ye bhi hai sir,,isko explain bhi kar diya.

bas yaaro yahi tha jo bhi tha,,,,isko baad inhone, bhaga diya mujhe,,,,aur kai baar bich me itne gande gande expression diye mujhe,,ki,,oohh ye bhi nahi pata tumhe hunnnnn,,,,ye bhi nahi aata,,,,main nervous hua thodaa kai jagah but tried not lose my calm and smile.and they were in a hurry also,,pura answer dene se pehle hi dusra question fire kar rahe the  

overall i think it was ok,,not expecting much,,last time 36-37 the,,aur bohat achaa diya tha maine   to is baar is se kam to dene se rahe..aur de bhi denge 35 to kya,,jo hoga sab dekha jayega.. baaki u guys tell now,,kyya lagtaa hai kyunki mujhe to koi feeling hi nahi,,,,bas de diya aur apna kaam khatam….waise i have got 16 marks above the cut off and trying to come back to delhi through,,railways,,afhq aur CSS….what do u guys feel. ?