What Could Be Worse Than This?

Went for the Interview today. Was very nervous, wished them good morning along with bowing my head, but may be I was not audible to them. They asked me to take a seat. One of the member said, “so tell me about yourself.” I was blank… a complete blackout felt as if I went into comma or something. Gained my consciousness back and with courage I politely asked them to repeat the question again. “Introduce yourself” came a loud voice. Said all that I have been practicing about introduction for a week in just one breath. “So you passed graduation in 2011, since then what have you been doing”? ” I dropped M.Sc Sir.” and boom… may be another negative point for me. I thought it was over. My stomach was behaving like something was sucking it from inside. Suddenly one of them asked, “why banking”? I wanted to say but just couldn’t. May be I was having a nervous break down. I was constantly looking at them but could not say anything. Suddenly one of them asked me to leave. I looked at him with pleading eyes. Suddenly everyone unanimously asked me to leave. Tears rolled down my cheeks. “Please leave” again came the voice. I stood up wiped my tears off and went straight out of the office but only to remember that I forgot my bag in the office only. Went there and came out running from them actually from everyone. I was running away from everything but everything was in vain as I was not able to run away from myself. Probably I was the only who was not worthy of a zero even. Time and again I proved myself as a failure! Whenever am angry, sad or depressed I walk and keep walking. I didn’t know for how long I have been walking, where I was, was I dead or alive, I knew nothing. Without to my notice I was walking in the middle of the road. I stopped at some point fell down on my knees and cried loudly and burst out crying. I saw my maa and dada(papa) in front of me got some courage, and cried, “I AM NOT GIVING UP!!” Stood up opened my eyes…. a truck was coming in full speed beeping its horn continuously and BOOM……

I woke up….. still 5 days to go for my interview

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