GD/PI | What Are Trade Unions?


My CAP experience:

WAT: Mahatma Gandhi said “Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction”. How does this fit in today’s world?

PI: 3 panelists (all male)

P1: Tell me something about yourself.

Me : Started to speak *interrupted*

P1: Tell me something interesting about yourself.

Me: Talked about my projects, one of them involved something to do with brain.

P2: Tell me about the brain project.

Me: Told

P2 – What were your favourite subjects in your undergrad?

Me – Told (OOPS)

P2 – Some questions on what is OOPS and how is it used

Me – Told

P2 – What have you studied related to Management in the undergrad?

Me – Industrial Management

P2 – What are trade unions? Name some of them working in India

Me – Don’t know

P2 – You seem to have a sketchy knowledge. If I say this, will it be true?

Me – On some subjects, but on some I am strong too.

P2- What are your strongest subjects?

Me – Software Engg, Programming

Some questions on software engg, answered.

P2 – Why MBA? You seem to be a good CS engineer

Me – Gave some answer blah blah

P3 played quickfire GK

P3 – Governor of Punjab? Governor of Haryana? Currency of Indonesia? Some questions on Niti Ayog.

Answered some of them

P1 – Future Plans?

Me – told

Thanks. You may go.