We didn’t realise we were making memories at EMPI

“We didn’t realise we were making memories at EMPI. We just

knew we were having fun”

With so much that was expected and a lot more that has happened, what

do I actually consider and what do I miss out on? It’s been a long and

beautiful story with numerous characters playing small and big roles in

each of our lives.

It was the 26th of June last year; students of the new batch 2014-16

were welcomed into the campus by the faculty. It was indeed a “good”

morning to a world that would be ours for the next two years. I

personally feel that yes, this has been my world and I have lived and

enjoyed it to the fullest.

Initially, there were many apprehensions on our ability to cope with the

tight schedule, the lengthy course structure, the many activities, and

even the EFP. But once the process began, a little effort and we flew in

with ease. The faculty, too, was ready to support us at every single step,

walking by our side, making sure we didn’t trip and fall. They were our

guide and mentor in the classrooms and our friends outside. They made

sure we got acclimatized to the new environment and culture as all of us

belonged to different backgrounds. Language was a problem to some;

food for others and some had left their parents for the very first time.

But even the smallest of the small issues raised by any of us were not



Moreover, our seniors turned out to be very cooperative. RIP was a term

which had affected us a lot, but that was exactly how our seniors got the

opportunity to know us better and helped us build a stronger bond with

them. They were always ready to extend a helping hand, to guide you

through a troublesome chapter in your course, to tease you and have

fun. The time spent together and the motivation provided for

conducting the programs on several occasions were probably the best

memories and will always be treasured. I am sure no one would disagree

when I say that the time around Durga Puja was the best time for any of

my batch mates here.

Over the course of time, most of us have been able to nurture true

friendships even within the batch – friendships for a lifetime!

They have

stayed by your side in times of need, sorry, joy and festivity. There has

always been an ear to listen to you when you wanted to say something; a

hand to softly wake you up for the breakfast and classes, to sign your

EFP attendance for you when you were busy visiting the dreamland, to

pat your back when you achieved something good; there was an eye to

stare you in anger if you committed a mistake, to look through you and

understand that you required something; there was a heart to feel for

you when you felt homesick, to get sweets for you whenever they visited

their homes; to wait for you and make sure that you wouldn’t miss out

on your meals.

I am a student of the AdCoMM department; and being part of the 1st

placement from college was a reason of great happiness and pride for

me. I owe my achievement to the immense motivation from my faculty

and the direct interaction with successfully placed leaders from the

industry. The college gave us numerous opportunities for us to build our

confidence, experiment our talents and enhance ourselves into well-

groomed professionals.

As we approach the end of our stay in college, it is difficult to imagine

our lives without all these people who have affected us in some way or

the other. Our world revolves around them and includes them in each

activity. A sudden change would definitely be difficult to bear. I am

grateful to all for giving me the experience of my life and teachings,

which will always be my companion.

Yoshita Ratnam

Placed in Group M 

Batch 2014-2016