We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them

“There was no sentence correction question in my paper. The passage was on ####.” – India’s so called “Aptitude Guru”.

“5 questions were from Geometry & one of the LR set was based on arrangements.” – Spokesperson of a reputed Educational company.

These are the statements made by two of the most respectable people from highly acclaimed educational companies. I don’t understand this paradox. These institutes say that they don’t encourage discussing any kind of information related to CAT exam. But their senior most faculties discuss the same in open. I have a few questions to them:

· Is it okay to discuss topics but not the actual question? Is it okay to tell RC topics?

· The paper is all about stress testing , the test pattern should be a surprise to each & every student, doesn’t matter if he is taking it on first day or last day. Then why do they start being a sensational News channel & start flashing “CAT FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW” as breaking news just after first slot of season?

If there are a few errors in the paper then let it be that way , may be paper setter included them intentionally to check the ability of a student of leaving a question & moving ahead. Who gave these educational company rights to create havoc out of that? Most important thing is how do you come to know about that error?

Disclosure of the questions by few dumb cat aspirants on different social networking sites is the major concern today. These people don’t understand that they are reducing their own %ile by disclosing their slot questions as everyone will end up attempting them correctly & marginalization score for those questions will be less.

But we can at least think of some solutions to this. Like :

1. Prometric should make entirely different paper for different slots, but as this boat is already sailed , lets strike this out.

2. Prometric should adopt some methodology which automatically discards the question attempted by any test taker in less than a certain amount of time. Suppose that ### question that is coming in almost every paper, if someone attempts that question in less than 30-40 seconds(even if you are a genius , at least you need to read the question ) then discard that question while calculating the marks for that aspirant.

I agree that this will be unfair to those who attempt few questions as “tukka”. But here fairness is more important to those who have worked hard to crack their dream entrance.

3. Another solution is, IIM & other good institute should reduce cut-off %ile for this year so that no deserving student misses a call which he/she would have been received if these questions leakage not have been done.

4. And last & extreme solution is reconducting the exam for everyone & adopting the solution 1 to avoid question discussion next time.


A CAT Victim