We are all monkeys, we are all the same

Whether it’s Spain, the USA, UK or any country, each of them have a cult of tormentors who thinks of having prerogative rights of abusing blacks in so called white dominated regions of the world. And yes those regions that are not white dominated, people find other petty reasons to claim their superiority, best example is attitude of Delhi towards north east Indians. If you ask 100 people, 99 will say that they condemn racism. We like to flaunt their opinion on our t shirts, on Facebook, joining glamorous clubs, fancy parties. But from inside, we are all the same.

But there are some serious voices opposing this misplaced idea of primogeniture. Recently last weekend an audio clip popped up on internet with voice of Donald Sterling, owner of LA Clippers, a NBA club, capturing chat with his much younger girlfriend, instructing her not to associate with black people and avoid coming to Clippers games with her black friends. And as a consequence it is most likely that he’ll be banned from being part of NBA and his club in any way. Such support of prestigious institutions always give the anti-racism activists a morale boost to eradicate racial hatred from the world.

Today we see serious activists taking this war head on using many weapons. Some fight against it by guns, paper and pen, internet and others have Gandhian philosophy in their arsenal. But on 27th April, El Madrigal stadium witnessed a prolific reaction of a player who faced a racist taunt. When FC Barcelona’s full back Daniel Alves went to take a corner kick against host team Villarreal, a banana came right in front of his foot and he did the most obvious (common) thing that should be done with a banana, i.e. eat it (click here to see the video). He did so and after the matched he publicly thanked the person for banana as it gave him a bit more strength to take 2 corner kicks one of which resulted in a goal. First reactions came from his national and club teammate Neymar who posted his picture with his son holding a banana and then his Brazilian teammates and Chelsea trio Oscar, David Luiz and William posted a picture in same fashion which was followed by Sergio Aguero, Emmanuel Adebayor. It was not limited to football world, boxing world champion Wladimir Klitschko even came out in support with a message on banana and even Italian premier Matteo Renzi with his national team coach Cesare Prandelli shared a banana in a picture.

Sure about this finally!!

But what made me believe that this was never a lost war when I saw picture of Luis Suarez who in 2011-12 season was out of field for 8 matches including a fine of £40,000 for racially abusing Patrice Evra, with his current teammate Philippe Coutinho holding a banana. If this guy, who didn’t even bothered to have a handshake with Evra on his return to Old Trafford, can change, then there is hope that we the Indians will change for the sake of our nation’s pride if not for ourselves