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Yesterday, we
gave you the following practice topic for WAT – “How does migration of people into other countries affect
nationalism and patriotism?”
In this article, we will look at the
correct approach for an essay on this topic and will also cover some important
points which may be used in this essay.

Guidelines – How to Approach this Question

First and foremost, this is an
opinion-oriented question. For a subjective topic like this, you can choose to
have any viewpoint, as long as you have ample arguments in support of it.

This is a test of your logical thinking
abilities. The premise is ‘migration of people’ and you have to discuss its
impact on nationalism and patriotism. The possible points for this answer can
be vast in number so it would be ideal to make a rough outline for your answer

Placing the different points in
a coherent flow is important for your essay to stand out. Therefore, make sure
you get the structure right before you attempt to write the answer.

What to Write in the Answer

Here are some
points which you can use in your answer:

· Introduction: The introduction of your
essay should begin with some relevant background. You can talk about the ideas
of migration, nationalism and patriotism. Globalisation has boosted the number
of employment opportunities for people across the world. This has eased the
process of migration, and more and more people are opting to move out of their
respective countries. Nationalism and Patriotism both stand for the sense of
belonging to a certain country, but when people get uprooted from one place and
settled in another, this feeling gets affected.

· Main Body: You can structure your essay
as you will. We are, here, providing a generic background of migration,
followed by two sets of points vis a vis the impact of migration.

· What does Migration do? When people
migrate from one country to another, their loyalties get conflicted. Owing to
the grave problem of terrorism, migration gives rise to prejudice against
immigrants. Incidents of racial violence have repeatedly been reported in
countries like Australia and USA. While the government is forced to strengthen
the immigration laws for national security, xenophobia is generated among the natives
against the immigrants.

· Impact on the Native Country: In this
viewpoint, we will look at the impact of migration on the country from where
the migrants originate.

Of all the non-resident citizens
of a country, some send resources and money back home, some return to serve
their country and some disconnect entirely. These different actions have
different effects on the residents.

Once they settle down properly
in another country, some of the migrants critique their nation’s policies and
regimes. This results in disbelief among the resident citizens and the idea of
migration gets propagated.

The philanthropy and service of
some citizens who return to their nations also inspires many aspiring students
who go abroad temporarily to study, and come back to make a difference.

· Impact on the Host Country: In this
viewpoint, we will look at the impact of migration on the country where the
migrants settle.

Because of the widespread terrorism,
the natives develop a sense of insecurity from immigrants. This, in turn, gives
rise to racial, religious and/or communal tensions.  

When communities of different
origins settle in a country, it gives the host country a multi-cultural society.
It is also symbolic of the world being more acceptable of various cultures.

The immigrants also suffer from
identity crisis. In a continent like Europe where societies are becoming
increasingly amalgamated, people face conflict as to which country they belong to.
It also leads to apprehension in the natives – they are conflicted over
accepting immigrants as part of their nations.

· What happens to Nationalism and Patriotism? This is a subjective territory but you can give a brief and general explanation.
When people go through identity crisis, it naturally leads to a conflict in
their patriotic tendencies. In some cases of racial and communal violence, immigrants
had no other choice but to come back to their native countries. During these tense
times, nationalism and patriotism become problematic ideas and immigrants have
to suffer. This turmoil has often been explored in films and television as
well. You can give one such example and relate it to your argument.

· Conclusion: Whichever viewpoint or set
of points you choose to elaborate upon, a logical conclusion should follow. If you
intend to discuss both, kindly make sure that you summarise the core points of
each and then provide a 1-2 line conclusive remark. You can also choose a quote
to end your essay on a neutral note like – “Our true nationality is mankind” by
HG Wells.

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topic is – “I don’t know the key to
success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”
Kozhikode, 2013)

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