WAT GD PI Preparation for MBA Admissions

This is the time of MBA season when the exhaustive examination process is over, results are out and we head towards the final lap of the MBA admission cycle – WAT GD PI!

No matter how well you have performed for being shortlisted for second phase of admission process; if you do not prove your mettle in WAT GD PI, the hard work done till date might go in vain.

Remember, the battle is over but it is the WAR that awaits. And in this war, you do not have the advantage of competing with few weaker participants – everyone who has reached the second stage of admission process is a strong candidate with almost the same profile.

What will differentiate you?

Your ability to showcase the following to the evaluation panel shall make you stand apart from the rest:

1. Clarity on the decision to go for MBA

2. Vision of what you want to achieve in life and career

3. Value add that you will bring to the respective MBA Class of the institute

Do not overlook the importance of WAT

What i have observed is that most of the candidates overlook the importance of WAT when it comes to preparation strategy for second phase of admission process.

12 out of 13 IIMs will conduct WAT this year as the part of the admission process. Even SIBM Pune has introduced the same in its admission process. Time allocated for WAT varies from IIM to IIM (ranging from 10 minutes to 20 minutes). There is a significant weightage given to marks obtained in WAT in the IIM admission process (varying from 10% to 20%) – So, do you think you can afford to overlook it?

How to prepare for WAT

Practice as much as you can: Try to actually write and practice. And what better than PaGaLGuY Channels.

Use simple sentences: Avoid writing complex sentences. Be simple in word usage and crisp & clear in putting forth your point of view on the topic.

– Keep reading about trending topics: It is expected that most of the IIMs will prefer to know your analysis or point of view on the latest happenings. So it becomes important for you to be aware of the most trending topics. This should even help you for the colleges where GD is still an important part of the process.

How to prepare for PI

You should customize your PI preparation as per the following areas at which you are tested by various B-Schools.

– Clarity of thoughts / vision

– Subject Knowledge

– Analytical Skills

– Leadership Skills

Resources to prepare for WAT GD PI

Like last 3 years, this year again I shall be running the GDPI Helpline at PaGaLGuy. It will be launched on coming Sunday.

In addition, I have written a book on How to crack WAT GD PI for MBA Admissions. You may know more about it here:

Official Facebook Page: Click Here

Flipkart Page with book review: Click Here