War Tactics of Lord Shree Krishna – Part III

Note : This Article is for those who love Mahabharata and/or are students of The Bhagavad Geeta. This series of articles focuses on War Tactics of Lord Shree Krishna – Just one dimension out of the infinite dimensions of his awe-inspiring personality. It is a small attempt from my side to compile these awesome incidents which are scattered across the pages of Geeta and to bring them at one place.


News of the despicable acts committed on Abhimanyu reached his father Arjuna at the end of the day, who vows to kill Jayadratha the very next day by sunset, and failing to do so, commit suicide by self-immolation immediately.

The Kaurava army the next day places Jayadratha furthest away from Arjuna, and every warrior including the Samshaptakas (mercenaries to vow to return from battlefields only upon victory else death) attempts to prevent Arjuna from reaching anywhere close to Jayadratha. Only bypassing Dronacharya’s chariot with his permission, Arjuna hacks through the Kaurava army and kills more than a hundred thousand soldiers and warriors in a single day. With the aid of Satyaki and Bhima, Arjuna is able to advance to the end of the Kaurava’s formation, only to see Jayadratha being guarded by seven maharathis.

Distracted by the coming sundown, Arjuna is unable to break through. Lord Krishna being the Almighty God uses His powers to temporarily create an eclipse. In his haste to see Arjuna’s death, Jayadratha abandons his protection and comes to taunt Arjuna. Lord Krishna removes the eclipse He has effectively created, and the sun comes out again. Before the Kauravas can take corrective action, Lord Krishna points out to Arjuna and asks him to pick up his Gandiva and behead Jayadratha. Arjuna’s unerring Pashupathastra decapitate Jayadratha such that his head lands in his father’s Lap (Jayadratha was blessed with a boon that the person who will cause his death will die immediately if his head landed on earth after he died) who is meditating and this unexpected action shocks him and Jayadratha’s head fell from his lap causing him death, and his vow to kill Jayadratha by sunset that day and avenge Abhimanyu’s death is fulfilled.

PS : More such articles to follow in case readers find the previous ones interesting.. ?