Walking along the Rope

Setting and achieving your goals !u0018

Knowledge helps you to reach your destination, but what if one is not aware of what his destination is. If we are not aware of our destination we will reach nowhere. This statement truly describes the power of goals in one’s life. Goals give direction to the efforts and this direction helps us focus all our energies towards achieving the desired thing. Unless we focus, we cannot achieve our goals. The importance of focus in our life can be explained well with the help of an example form Hindu Mythology where Guru Dronacharya was testing his disciples while teaching the art of archery. He placed a wooden bird as the target and asked his disciples to aim at the eye of the bird. All the disciples were asked to describe turn by turn what they saw; everyone was able to see many other things like tree branches leaves etc. while aiming at the bird but when Arjuna was asked the same question, he could only see the eye of the bird and nothing else. He was not distracted by anything, his mind was not wandering, he was fearless, he was doubtless, and he was focused on one. With this kind of focus even you can achieve your goal. There might be distraction, problems or hurdles which make it hard for you to achieve, but by bringing back all your attention to the goal you will sail through the problems. Distractions can be of two types, one that comes from outside, i.e. from people, place, time etc. someone might tell you can’t do it, or the environment in which you are in might not be favorable for your preparation. The internal distractions are your own thoughts, your fears and doubts. One who does not get dragged by any distraction, is focused, he is victorious.

You have the capability; you have all the strength in you, a lot of potential, and if you don’t direct it towards a goal it will go waste.

Great minds have purpose, others have wishes.

Washington Irving

Being an MBA aspirant your ultimate goal is to grab a job which offers a descent enough designation in one of the multinational company along with attractive pay package. Now if this is the goal, let’s work backwards towards achieving it. In order to achieve your goal have a focused effort, one needs to be vigilant about the path to be adopted to follow one’s dreams. So first you need to think that which platform can take you closer to your dream job. The most certain answer to this question is a business school that provides ample opportunity to the students to get grabbed by the best of the Industry leaders. Now such a school is one part of the story, because only by getting a platform where such big multinationals are dropping for placements is not enough what more is required??? It is the ability of a b school to transform its students into employable products that are need of the industry. Thus when you are on a lookout of the best place for you to study business management you should always see both the aspects one is the placement side and the other one is grooming skills. This will help you to narrow down your choices and then with the narrow choice spectrum you can work towards the ways of getting into such a B school which fits your set of requirements.

Once you are clear with what you want for yourself and what the school is offering you can come up with clear cohesive series of efforts that will help you march towards your ultimate long term goal.

This article has been written by Prof.(Dr.) Deepali Bhatnagar , Amity Business School, Jaipur.