Verbal Aptitude Quiz for SNAP

Dear readers,

This quiz consists of questions from
various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the
comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

Directions (Questions 1-3): Choose the
correct alternative to complete the meaning of the given sentence

1. The ________managed to deceive the
entire village

(a) Renegade          (b) Sycophant             (c) Charlatan              (d) Actor

2. She ordered the taxi driver, ‘Drive
faster, ________?’

(a) won’t you             (b) will you              (c) you Must                  (d) can’t you


3. Her written statement failed to be
consistent ________ what she had said earlier

(a) on                           (b) with                       (c) in                              (d) to

4. Choose the antonym nearest in meaning to
the word.


(a) Serious

(b) Uneasy

(c) Pleasant

(d) Cross

5. Which one of the following alternatives
is spelt correctly?

(a) Extacy               (b) Ecstasy                (c) Ecstacy                      (d) Extasy

6. Choose the correct alternative that best
explains the following idiom.

Writing on the wall:

(a) Graffiti

(b) Obvious truth

(c) Foreboding

(d) Prediction

7. Choose the correct set of alternatives
to fill in the blanks.

Although many of the members were______about
the impending deal, others were_______about the benefits it would bring.

(a) Euphoric, confident            

(b) Optimistic, dubious

(c) Angry, skeptical

(d) Confused, pleased

8. For the following pair of sentences
choose the correct option

I. The team quickly took their positions on
the field.

II. The team quickly took its position on
the field.

(a) The first sentence is wrong

(b) The second sentence is wrong

(c) Both are correct

(d) Both are wrong

9. Identify the odd one.

(a) Ashoka was one of the greatest kings.

(b) Ashoka was greater than many other

(c) Ashoka was the greatest king.

(d) Very few kings were as great as Ashoka.

10. Identify the incorrect one.

(a) The coach together with his team was

(b) Many a boy is tempted to sing.

(c) The king with all his sons were

(d) Neither James nor his lawyers were