quiz consists of questions from various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave
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Directions for Question Nos. 1-6 Choose the correct
meaning of the following idioms

1. If someone said, “You are the bomb!” she or he
probably would be telling you:

(a) You have a bad temper.

(b) You are a war weapon.

(c) You are exceptional and/or wonderful.

(d) You are dangerous.

2. When someone is described as being “flighty”, the
person described is probably:

(a) Light.

(b) Indecisive and irresponsible.

(c) Someone who loves flying.

(d) Someone who flies kites.

3. What does “to take down the enemy” mean?

(a) To take the enemy’s pictures off the wall.

(b) To kill the enemy.

(c) To make friends with the enemy.

(d) To ignore the enemy.

4. What does, “Dime a dozen”mean?

(a) For one dime you get a dozen

(b) All dozens cost a dime

(c) Anything that is common and easy to get.

(d) It is difficult to get people

5. “Throw the baby out with the bath water” means,

(a) Clean out everything

(b) Throw out the good things with the unwanted

(c) Being Thorough

(d) Create the impression of an accident

6. “Bark up the wrong tree” means,

(a) Skin of another animal

(b) Behave like a dog

(c) Purposely make an error

(d) Make the wrong choice

Directions for Question Nos. 7-8

Which is the correct proverb?


(a) Sleeping dogs tell lies.

(b) Dogs sleeping lie till late.

(c) Lie sleeping dogs till the dawn comes.

(d) Let the sleeping dogs lie.


(a) A fool is always parted from his money.

(b) A fool and his money are parted easily.

(c) Money and the fool must part ways.

(d) You can always part a fool from his money.

Directions for Question Nos. 9-10

Complete the sentence by choosing the correct words from
the given alternatives

9. The greatest _________of my generation is that a human
being can alter his life by__________ his attitude.

(a) gift … gifting

(b) discovery … altering

(c) misgiving … elevating

(d) thing … flaunting

10. When it comes to staying ____ , a mind-lift beats a
________any day.

(a) young … face-lift

(b) at home … egg

(c) light … elevator

(d) away … sleep

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1(c)    2(b)    
3(b)    4(c)     5(b)   
 6(d)   7(d)   
8(b)     9(b)    10(a)

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