Verbal Aptitude quiz for MAT, ATMA

Dear readers,

This quiz consists of questions from
various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the
comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

Directions for questions 1 and 2

Choose the option that is the closest in meaning to the phrases in bold:

1. He was a king who ruled his subjects with a high hand.

(a) sympathetically

(b) oppressively

(c) democratically

(d) generously

2. I racked my brains to solve this difficult problem.

(a) I read a large number of books.

(b) I consulted several people.

(c) I used my commonsense

(d) I subjected my mind to hard thinking.

Directions for questions nos. 3 – 4.

Select the most appropriate meanings of the bold idiomatic phrase:

3. I was supposed to give a speech to my English class, but I got cold feet and I didn’t go.

(a) My English class-room makes my feet feel to cold.

(b) My feet got cold so didn’t go.

(c) I got too nervous and I didn’t go.

(d) It was winter time and I had no socks for my feet.

4. Take care of what you say! You will have to eat your words!

(a) You have no food to eat.

(b) You will have to take back what you have sasid.

(c) You are not good with your language.

(d) None of the above.

Directions for questions nos. 5 – 6.

Choose a single word which is opposed to the meaning contained in the

5. He was magnanimous and his benevolence made him give to charity.

(a) mean

(b) cruel

(c) snobbish

(d) tyrannical

6. Biannual is

(a) once in two years

(b) every year

(c) twice a year

(d) after every two years

Directions for question nos. 7 – 8.


(a) if the first sentence is correct

(b) if the second sentence is correct

(c) if both sentences are correct

(d) if both sentences are wrong.


1. Can you imagine his forgetting his own birthday?

2. Can you imagine him forgetting his own birthday?


1. Recently I read about a unique wedding that took place in the newspaper.

2. Recently I read in the newspaper about unique wedding that took place.

Directions for question nos. 9- 10

Choose the correct option.

9. At times, we are all ___________ to be mistaken.

(a) apt                                          (b)
likely                                  (c) considered      (d)able                                                                           

10. He hardly cares, _______?

(a) does he                 (b)
doesn’t he                 (c)
will be                    (d) won’t he

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1(b)    2(d)    
3(c)    4(b)     5(a)   
 6(c)   7(b)   
8(b)     9(b)    10(a)