Verbal Ability – Para-Completion Tips

In this article, some rules regarding Paragraph Completion are covered in this mini article.

The central aspect about para-completion questions is that the thread of thought needs to be continued in these questions.

Let us see a few tips and tricks related to the topic.

Trick 1: Be careful about the style and tone of the author

One important aspect illustrated in the first part was that the theme of the paragraph needs to be continued in para-completion questions. While maintaining the theme, keep in mind that you also need to match the style of writing of the author. Most authors write in a distinctive style and on some occasions, options which do not match the style and tone of the author can be directly eliminated.

Trick 2: In the answer options, make sure there is no repetition of thought.

A critical aspect of para-completion question is you need to make sure that the answer option you select is simply not a repetition of what has already been stated in the given paragraph. The purpose of the missing line is to introduce something new and logical in the given context.

Trick 3: Do not focus on a particular point in the passage.

Make sure that you extend the central idea of the passage and do not focus on any single point in the passage. Do not end up focusing on a peripheral point that does not really affect the central argument in the paragraph.