Value Based Learning Outcomes

Value Based Learning Outcomes

At SOIL, we put great emphasis on five core values that we call the pillars of “Inspired Leadership”. The ABCDE of School of Inspired Leadership culture are:


comes from the practice of “mindfulness”. This is about learning to be fully present in whatever we are doing, feeling or thinking. By not having any regrets of the past or anxiety about the future, we bring back the child like curiosity to learn and be happy regardless of the state of the environment. This is taught through a regular practice of Yoga and meditation.


comes from appreciating the true spirit of “Sustainability”. Our campus building is designed to be in balance with Mother Nature – natural light in all rooms, rain water harvesting, energy saving equipment etc. In addition, we teach courses on “Whole systems Thinking” to make the students aware of this dimension.


is about not only getting out of our own shoes to step into others’ shoes to feel their state of mind but also doing something to help those in need. This is done through the year -long “Social Innovation Program” in which student teams work one day in a week, with NGO’s to make a difference to society. We also partner with the Chinmaya Organization of Rural Development (CORD) and donate 10% of our profits each year to serve the poorest of the poor in India.


is about appreciating the uniqueness of each person and learning to leverage that for the sake of collective good. We use “Caliper”, a world-renowned tool to appreciate the psychometric profile of every student and staff member and enable teams to use this knowledge to give off their best.


is about being fair to all stakeholders, using the right means to achieve results and “no deception”. We practice this in every process in SOIL and also teach students to explore this within themselves through a week long intense course conducted by theatre artists.