UPSC CAPF exam 2016: Interview questions and tips, check here

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will be conducting interviews from December 2016, to recruit eligible candidates for the post of Assistant Commandant in the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF). Here are some quick tips for candidates appearing before the CAPF interview board.

Generally, the board begins the interview with your bio-data to give you some time to fine-tune before a grueling session picks up. It is done to normalize you as you are a little nervous in the beginning. Nevertheless, you cannot be casual about your bio data because the interview is a test of your personality and not your bookish or theoretical knowledge alone.

  • DAF and the first 10 min of your interview.

It is very important that you thoroughly remember your Detailed Application Form. Following questions can be asked based on your replies in the DAF.

1) Tell us something about yourself?

2) About your hometown?

3) About the obvious question, why do you want to join the CAPF?

4) About your preference/choice of service

Make sure your answers are genuine and are justifying your reasons.

  • You will also receive questions pertaining to your educational qualification.

1)You reason for joining this particular course for Graduation/Post Graduation?

2) How would you utilise your academic knowledge to benefit CAPF?

3) Academic questions related to your subjects

  • Your Hobbies will be an important area to gauge your personality. Make sure you have in-depth knowledge of your hobbies.

1) Your daily activities related to your hobbies?

2) Benefits of your hobby?

3) Information about it in historical and geographical perspective?

4) Why don’t you make your hobby as your profession?

5) About various personalities associated with your hobby?

6) There can be questions on some sports which are not listed under your hobbies.

For all those questions, which you don’t have answer for can be tackled by genuine answers rather than beating behind the bush.

  • Questions will also be based on your socio-economic background.

1) History/Geography of your place

2) Cultural importance/uniqueness of your place?

3) General statistics/tourism?

4) Social problems/Political problems/Issues related to development?

All the best